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Strategic Communications

Winning Strategies for Developing a Public Outreach Campaign with Lasting Impact (2023)

Developing and Implementing Effective Communications Plans that Move the Needle (2022)

Creating a successful communications strategy starting with research (2022)

The 2022 Edelman Trust Barometer results: how does trust impact our work as communications pros? (2022)

Strategic Communications: A 7-Point Checkup (2020) 

Key messages in action: strategies for implementing your key messages to tell your organization’s story (2022)

Crisis Communications

Winning Crisis Communication Strategies (2022)

Navigating the Phases of a Crisis from Pre-crisis to Recovery (2020)

Are You Digital Ready?  Scaling and Adopting Disaster Preparedness Using the California Wildfires.

Ethics & Communications Leadership

Ethics and Communications Leadership (2022)

Ethics & Communications Leadership (2020)

Digital Media

Reel Talk: How to Maximize Your Reach with Facebook and Instagram Reels (2023)

Navigating a New Generation of Media (2023)

Tik Tok on the Clock: Tips and Tricks to Get You from Beginner to Viral (2022)

Creating with Canva: Tips, Tricks and Tools to Elevate Your Agency’s Brand (2022)

Why Should Your Agency Be On TikTok? (2022)

Analyzing and Leveraging Social Media: What to Measure and Why (2021)

The Missing Link: Why LinkedIn Is Where Your Agency Needs to Be (2021)

Websites and ADA Compliance (2021)

Search Engine Optimization for Public Agencies (2020)

Storytelling is not a Unicorn: A Practical Approach to Creative Storytelling Using Graphics and Visuals (2021)

Improving Your Agency’s Storytelling with Artificial Intelligence (2020)

Advanced best practices for social media community management(2020)

Social media 411 with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (2020)

Tales from a Website Redesign (2019)

Measuring What Matters: Creating Your Social Media Dashboard Report (2020)


Driving Community Engagement with Photography (2021)


Mobile Video 4-1-1: Creating Engaging Content for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok (2022)

Virtual Events 101: How-to Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned (2020)

Hosting Virtual Events: A Guide to Planning an Engaging Event (2020)


From Gobbledygook to the Mother Tongue: Making Gov Speak Understandable (2023)

Earn Your APR in 2023: Everything You Need to Know to Start Now! (2023)

Writing for Maximum Engagement – CAPIO (2022)

Storytelling: Telling Your Agency’s Story Across Multiple Platforms with Maximum Impact (2020)

Writing compelling content in plain language (2020)

Public Speaking

Media Relations

Building Positive Relationships with the Media to Accomplish Shared Goals (2021)

Community Relations & Engagement

How to Give Your Government Agency a Facelift (2023)

Mastering Your Communications Career: Insights from CAPIO Paul B. Clark Lifetime Achievement Award Winners (2023)

Edelman’s 2023 Trust Barometer Results: How Communicators Can Navigate and Make Connections in a Polarized World (2023)

PIO + Community Engagement = How to Manage both Jobs? Learn the top two things to do first! (2023)

Lessons learned in the COVID trenches (2022)

Demystifying Communications Strategies for Diverse Communities (2022)

Sharing Your Agency’s Story About Important Water Infrastructure Projects and Programs (2021)

Successful Communications Partnerships with Subject Matter Experts (2021)

The 411 on Developing a successful Citizens’ Academy (2021)

Executing a Creative Outreach Campaign that Resonates (2021)

What’s Next: Trends in Outreach and Education (2021)

Collaborative Engagement: Adapting Your Engagement Approach Based on Lessons Learned from the Pandemic (2021)

Creating an Effective Utility Rate Change Outreach Strategy That Builds Customer Awareness and Confidence in the Rate-setting Process (2021)

Collaborative Engagement: Developing Multi-Agency Programs and Reaching Diverse Communities (2021)

Putting the LOL in Local Government (2020)

Communicating with Diverse Audiences: Developing Inclusive Outreach Practices (2020)

Multi-Cultural Communications How to Communicate with Diverse Audiences (2019)

10 Biggest Mistakes Government Makes in Engaging Residents (2019)

Advanced Track – Member Only Courses

CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Rethinking Strategies: Increase Leadership Capacity and Improve Communication (2023)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Rethinking Communication and Leadership with Emotional Intelligence and the Adversity Quotient (2023)
CAPIO Advanced Track-Climbing the Charts: Strategies for Building a Pitch Perfect Communications Office (2023)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Goal Setting for 2023: Strategies that Work (2022)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Communications 20/20: Past, Present and Future Planning (2022)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: USC Polarization Index: A Road Map for Public-sector Communicators and Leaders to Navigate Controversial Issues (2022)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Reimagining your agency’s website: practical tips and tools for a winning strategy (2022)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Advanced Strategies for Communicating During a Crisis (2021)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Navigating leadership and communications in the C-suite (2021)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Having Difficult Conversations and Building Trust (2021)
CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Building a Social Media Strategy that Creates Trust and Engagement (2021)

CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Managing, Mentoring and Motivating with Purpose (2021)

CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Being Your Agency’s Strategist: Advancing Into an Executive-level Communications Role (2021)

Tools and Resources

How to fall in love with local government communications again (2023)
Mentorship Monday: Switching Gears in Your Career (2023)
City Branding: Three Pathways to a New You (2022)
Mentorship Monday: Networking with authenticity and integrity: Winning ways to meaningfully connect post pandemic (2022)
Mentorship Monday: 7 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand (2022)
Mentorship Monday: Rising Through The Ranks: A Chat with Communication Leaders (2021)
Project Management for PR Pros (2021)

Legal Issues for Government Communicators—Copyright, Trademark and Records Retention Laws (2021)

Podcasting 101: How To Tips and Tricks to Get Your Agency’s Podcast Up and Running (2020)

Elevate Optimism and personal wellbeing workshop (2020)

Coping and Communicating with Compassion (2020)

What’s Your Brand? Personal Branding (2019)

Building a Better No Budget Survey (2020)

Internal Communication

Communicating Crucial Information with Internal Audiences (2021)

Future of Communications | Trends

CAPIO 2023 State of Communications (2023)

CAPIO 2022 State of Communications (2022)

CAPIO 2021 State of Communications (2021)

The 2020 edelman trust barometer results (2020)

CAPIO 2020 State of Communications (2020)


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