Member Benefits


Member Benefits
CAPIO membership connects you with more than 700 public sector communicators throughout the state.

Join Today – $275

Memberships with CAPIO are individual. Any agency with five or more members receives a 10% membership discount (please email to request this discount).  Read more about our membership benefits below or view our membership brochure.

Members receive all benefits, including discounts to the annual conference, regional workshops, webinars and networking events. Membership categories include the following:

  • Professional—$275/year (government communicator from a City, County, School District, Special District, State, etc.)  Groups of 5 or more members can request a 10% discount when signing up as a group).  
  • Affiliate—$275/year (communications professional or sales representative from a PR Firm, Technology Company, or other company serving public agencies) (Note:  CAPIO conference sponsorships include one or more CAPIO memberships as a benefit.)
  • Student—$75/year (must be considered full-time by their academic institution to qualify).