William Nash Mentoring Program
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CAPIO is committed to providing our members with ongoing learning and development—which is key to our members’ success. Studies have shown that mentoring is one of the most valuable and effective professional development opportunities. Having the guidance and encouragement of a mentor can shape your career for years to come.

CAPIO’s Mentoring Program was developed to help foster the growth of our members through two-way learning. In 2021 the mentoring program was renamed in honor of William Nash, longtime CAPIO member, leader and mentor. Mentees in CAPIO’s program have direct access to seasoned communication professionals from across the state and from varying backgrounds to support achievement, success, learning and growth. Additionally, this relationship also benefits the participating mentors by providing opportunities to expand their leadership skills, share their experiences and insights, and learn from the experiences of their mentees.  View / Download Mentor Program Brochure

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CAPIO matches 15 mentor/mentee pairs annually. 

How it Works

  • Applications for 2023 are being accepted through July 20  (or until spots are filled)
  • Mentors and mentees must be current CAPIO members
  • The official program will run from August 2023 to July 2024, with the opportunity for the mentee/ mentor to meet in person at CAPIO’s conference held in various locations across the state
  • Mentor/mentee pairs will meet four times per year (in person, by phone or video chat) for at least one-hour each time
  • Participants are matched based on location, industry, experience and desired outcomes
  • Each pair is provided $100 from CAPIO to help with the cost of in-person meetings. This budget may be used for travel expenses and meal reimbursements only. Participants are expected to cover all additional program expenses
  • While CAPIO’s Mentoring Program organizer will check in periodically with participants, participants are ultimately responsible for the success of their mentoring relationship
  • Participants will be asked to provide feedback during and after the program to help CAPIO continue to provide exceptional programming to its members

Other Details

What are some topics/ideas I should discuss with my mentor/mentee?

While mentors and mentees spend quite a bit of time together with plenty of topics to discuss, there are catalysts and accelerant topics/ activities that create energy in the mentoring experience, according to a 2015 study by Rik Nemanick. The following mentor/mentee activities can be considered to develop a dialogue or expand knowledge:

  • Reading assignments on a topic of interest to expand the knowledge of a mentee
  • Informational interviews arranged by the mentor with someone in his or her network for the mentee
  • Job shadowing arrangement for the mentee to shadow the mentor or another seasoned professional to learn through observation
  • Education/training to help close knowledge gaps as well as shore up gaps holding the mentee back from his or her goals
  • Stretch assignments for the mentee to take on in his or her current role to help extend learning

How can I get the most out of CAPIO’s Mentoring Program as a mentee or mentor?

  • Be proactive in reaching out to your mentor/mentee and available in a time of need and respond quickly.
  • Provide leads for opportunities. These opportunities may be job leads, additional support and training or an opportunity to serve on a committee and/or board.
  • Embrace and celebrate diversity.
  • Celebrate big and small victories.
  • Communicate honestly with support and confidence.
  • Teach mentees to become mentors who can encourage others to establish an inclusive, mentoring culture.
  • Allow the relationship to change and evolve from a strict mentorship to a friendship with mentoring at the center of it.

For more information, contact CAPIO at info@capio.org.