Websites and ADA Compliance
Power Lunch Webinar


Is your online presence accessible to users of all abilities, including the 15% of the population with a disability? It’s a common misconception that making a website accessible lies solely in the hands of developers. Learn how your team of content writers and editors can work towards creating a site that is ADA compliant.

Modern institutions value diversity and inclusivity, but their websites often fall short in meeting this objective. As application processes and online learning environments increase in popularity, creating a website that meets the needs of users of all abilities is more important than ever.

This webinar will teach attendees:

  • Why web accessibility is important for
    • Social responsibility
    • Expanding your audience
    • Search engine optimization
  • Accessibility trends and requirements for higher education institutions
  • Key words and phrases around the topic of web accessibility, like ADA compliance, Section 508, and WCAG
  • State and federal laws related to website accessibility (including AB434, which came into effect in California last year)
  • How to create content to meet accessibility standards and requirements
  • How to check your website’s accessibility level and prioritize issues
  • The potential consequences of having a non-accessible site

We’ll also review a case study where a prominent California state agency (and CAPIO member) overhauled its site and internal processes to comply with AB434 and WCAG 2.1 AA — the gold standard for California public institutions.

Attendees will leave the webinar with a greater understanding of why this topic should be top of mind, and with tools and strategies to begin, or continue, their journey to a higher level of website accessibility.

Presented by Mac Clemmens and Sloane Dell’Orto, co-founders of Digital Deployment. Mac and Sloane are proud proponents of website accessibility and local government, and have presented on the subject at conferences across the country. In 2018, Digital Deployment received the “vision award” from Disability Rights California–the nation’s largest disability rights advocacy organization–for its commitment to creating accessible website experiences for all users.

Recorded: January 14, 2021




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Mac is the CEO of Digital Deployment where he’s responsible for the growth of the company, recruiting and retaining top talent and standing for Digital Deployment’s culture and values. His Passion is empowering institutions, associations and nonprofits to communicate online and better connect with their users while teaching them how to build measurable and sustainable business value.

Sloane oversees the operation of Digital Deployment. Her focus is creating systems and structures to support business operations, including pioneering and improving the company’s software-as-a-service strategy, identifying and deploying the platform into new verticals and working closely with her partners. Her diverse background includes web development, graphic design, marketing, journalism, politics, firefighting and emergency medicine.

This session qualifies for:
CAPIO Certificate in Communications Credit – Digital Media
APR Maintenance Credit