How to fall in love with local government communications again
Power Webinar


The Great Resignation. The Big Quit. The Great Reshuffle. Whatever you want to call it, people are FRIED. And communications professionals might be the crispiest of them all. After three years of what felt like constant crisis communications, we find ourselves working harder than ever. We’ve emerged (have we?) from a global pandemic only to find that community members seem to have gotten pricklier, Council members less patient, and coworkers have just up and left. So in this new reality, how do we find time, space, and permission to take care of ourselves, take care of our teammates, and fall in love with local government again? Kim and Ryan from Slate Communications will lead a light-hearted conversation addressing communication trends, challenges and opportunities that are emerging in a post Covid world.

Recorded: June 15, 2023



APR Continuing Education Unit

Kim Newcomer

Kim Newcomer is a co-founder of Slate Communications, a marketing and public relations firm that works exclusively with local governments. She is an expert in local government communications and has years of experience designing and executing communications strategies to effectively engage residents and stakeholders.

Newcomer is known for her passion for innovative communications and her commitment to supporting local communities. Through her work at Slate Communications and other experiences in the field, she has demonstrated her ability to collaborate with diverse stakeholders and develop effective communications strategies that resonate.

Before founding Slate Communications, Kim Newcomer held several roles in public sector and local government communications, including Communications Manager at the City of Fort Collins, CO and Director of Tourism for Durango, CO.   She is a respected expert in the field, frequently speaking at conferences and events on local government communications best practices and the value of communications and engagement.

Ryan Burke

Ryan Burke is a seasoned communications professional and the founder of Slate Communications, a company specializing in local government communications strategy, branding, and messaging. He has more than 25 years of experience in the marketing and communications industries, having previously worked in the advertising and publication fields in New York City, Chicago, and Portland.

For the past eighteen years, Ryan has focused on providing strategic counsel to local government clients on various issues, including public engagement, storytelling, and visual communications. His expertise is crafting compelling messages and visuals that resonate with target audiences and generate community engagement. Over the years, Ryan has garnered many awards for his work in local government communications from 3CMA, TAMIO, APTA, and The Center for Digital Government. In his free time, he enjoys mountain biking, backcountry skiing, and rock climbing in his home state of Colorado.