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Mentorship Monday: Rising Through The Ranks: A Chat with Communication Leaders
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You’ve been working hard to rise through the ranks and into a communications leadership role. But what does it really take to make the jump?

Join CAPIO for this quarter’s Mentorship Monday event where you will hear from three fellow communicators who have recently made the leap to leading communications for their agencies. This moderated discussion and Q&A will cover a variety of topics, including personal branding, finding a mentor, professional development, networking, important skill sets to hone, polishing up your resume, work-life balance and more.


Search Engine Optimization for Public Agencies
Power Lunch Webinar

Public agencies are often the official source of information, and when searching for topics online, you can often find them on the first page of search engine results. These results define what the public understands about a particular topic. But how does this happen?

Currently, 85% of people looking for information online start their journey using a search engine. But with so many results, how can you make sure your site stands out? Do you know how people are finding your site and why they’re visiting? Are you leading the conversation for topics and keywords important to you?


Elevate Optimism and Personal Wellbeing Webinar

As we continue to navigate uncharted territory filled with uncertainty and change affecting our personal and professional lives, it’s important to elevate our optimism, resilience and personal wellbeing.

Join Tia Graham, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer at Arrive at Happy for this engaging CAPIO workshop where attendees will learn more about increasing positivity and optimism and personal wellbeing through a blend of science and practical, actionable steps that they can implement immediately. 


Coping and Communicating with Compassion Webinar
Power Lunch Webinar

As public-sector communicators, we continue to face the ongoing stress and isolation of the global COVID-19 crisis, civil unrest and financial fallout both at work and at home.

Communicators have been working around the clock for months providing important information to the communities they serve. This constant, heavy workload coupled with limited abilities to engage in pleasurable activities and the uncertainty of the global pandemic may lead to anxiety, hopelessness, helplessness and even burnout.

Webinar Mentor

Webinar: The Benefits of a Mentor for Your Career In Communications


Webinar Powerpoint - Benefits of a Mentor for Your Communications Career

Studies have shown that mentoring is one of the most valuable and effective professional development opportunities. Having the guidance, support and encouragement of a mentor can shape your career for years to come.

This webinar is geared towards those interested in being a mentor as well as those interested in being a mentee.

Key take-aways from this webinar include:


How to Create Awesome Videos for Social Media

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Recorded December 5, 2018

Video production doesn’t have to be intimidating.  Learn about user friendly tools and gain a videographer’s perspective.

From shooting, to editing, to selecting music, and publishing, this webinar will empower you to create videos that spark change.

Some highlights include: