Entry Categories


How we communicate continues to evolve in the connected world in which we live.  For example, submissions for reels or tik tok videos can be submitted in the social media categories.   For custom apps, consider submitting them in the most innovative category.

Work can be entered into more than one category and will be reviewed separately for each category entered. All entries entered into multiple categories will be eligible for recognition in each and will be judged accordingly. In categories that receive a large number of entries, the entries will be grouped according to service area size (small, medium, and large) prior to being judged.

Below is a complete list of the categories for the 2024 awards program.

Communication and Marketing Tools (Publications, graphic design, writing, photography, etc.)

Communications marketing tools are the tactical tools you use to implement the idea – getting information out to get the job done. They include publications, graphic design, photography, events, writing and internal communications.

Entry Categories 

  • Annual Report – (financial reports, water quality reports, or annual performance reports)
  • Graphic Design – Online (infographic, web graphic, logo, etc.)
  • Graphic Design – Print (brochure, poster, marketing materials, etc.)
  • Internal Communications
  • Marketing and Promotional (items, branding/logo, marketing event, delivery tools)
  • Media Event (Press Conferences, PR Campaign Kickoffs, etc.)
  • Newsletter or Magazine (online or printed)
  • Photography
  • Special or Community Event – One-Time
  • Special or Community Event – Recurring
  • Writing (news article, news series, blog, marketing content, etc.)

Digital Communications

Communications programs or tools used to implement the idea, make an impact and maximize reach through digital communications. This category includes podcasts, live streaming, social media, video, websites and apps.   Items marked with an * indicate a new or updated category for 2024.  Some categories may be further sub-divided by budget if the number of entries warrants it.

Entry Categories  

  • Audio/Podcasts
  • Social Media Best Use Overall
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Social Media Impromptu *
  • Video Production – Public Service Announcement – In-House *
  • Video Production – Public Service Announcement – Consultant Supported *
  • Video Production – Marketing Video - In-House *
  • Video Production – Marketing Video – Consultant Supported *
  • Video Production – PSA Series – In-House *
  • Video Production – PSA Series – Consultant Supported *
  • Video Production – Marketing Series - In-House *
  • Video Production – Marketing Series - Consultant Supported *
  • Website

Communications and Marketing Process

Processes are broad categories of strategic communications programs and activities, such as Community Visioning or Branding, Resident Participation, Communications Plans, Campaign Plans, Go Green Programs, Crisis Communications and Service Delivery.

Entry Categories
  • Brand Launch / Rebrand
  • Communications or Marketing Plans/Campaigns - Consultant-Supported
  • Communications or Marketing Plans/Campaigns – In-House
  • Community Relations/Participation
  • Crisis Communications Response
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I) Outreach / Campaign
  • Preparedness/Public Safety Education Campaign

Creative Marketing

This category includes two unique awards—Most Innovate Communications and Dollar Stretcher. CAPIO encourages agencies to submit their most innovative programs. Entries submitted to the Most Innovative field can include consultant-supported projects and programs.

For the Dollar Stretcher field, projects and/or tools that had a major impact using only in-house resources on a limited budget should be submitted.

Entry Categories

  • Dollar Stretcher – program/tool developed and implemented in-house
  • Most Innovative Communications


For the first time in CAPIO history, judges will be selecting from the entire entry pool, one “Best-in-Show” winner from each of the small, medium and large service areas. A separate entry is not required to be considered for a “Best-in-Show” honor.  Winners will be pulled from all subcategories.