EPIC Award Category Descriptions: Communication and Marketing Tools


Communications marketing tools are the tactical tools you use to implement the idea – getting information out to get the job done. They include publications, television and video, marketing campaigns, special events and new technologies.

Annual Report

Publication that reports on an organization’s annual performance.  Can include an annual performance report, annual financial report, annual water quality report or similar.

Graphic Design (subcategories listed below)

Projects and concepts that showcase creative talent and design that also perform essential communication functions including advertising, illustrations, logos/ branding campaigns, book/magazine covers, infographics, maps, guides, direct mail pieces, posters, decals, displays and exhibits. Redesigned projects are also included here. Entries judged on innovation, creativity and strategic alignment with goals and should demonstrate unique creativity, command the target audience’s attention, and effectively communicate a specific message or theme, whether it is a call-to-action, an issue campaign, or an overview of an event or certain agency/organization. Be sure to include examples of the artwork created along with links, if applicable.

  • Graphic Design – Online (infographic, web graphic, logo, etc.)
  • Graphic Design – Print (brochure, poster, marketing materials, etc.)

Internal Communications

A program to improve internal relations through enhanced communications or programs affecting relations with employees. Includes printed and/or electronic newsletter, videos, email updates, or focused, call-to-action message produced. Must demonstrate a commitment to employee information and staff relations and effectively communicate the desired message to the target audience.

Marketing and Promotional 

This category includes best use of promotional items, branding/logo, marketing event or government service delivery tools. Projects that fit into this category can include a new logo design, new and innovative giveaway/SWAG, promotional materials. Comprehensive brand launches and rebranding efforts should be submitted under the Brand Launch/Rebran category under Comms and Marketing Processes.

Media Relations/Media Event (Press Conferences, PR Campaign Kickoffs, etc.)

Such as news conferences, media events or other activities designed specifically to attract earned media attention for the purposes of public outreach, information sharing, public calls-to-action, etc. Be sure to include specifics on both the pre-campaign kickoff planning and to specify the results of your efforts in terms of media traction or stories published.

Newsletter or Magazine (online or printed)

Printed and/or electronic publications produced and distributed to an outside audience focusing on an organization, agency or government entity’s activities or purpose.


Photography should command attention, add insight and communicate a message. Composition, focus, contrast and use of color must reflect the highest professional standards. Entries could include single and multi-image use. Entries will also be judged on the contribution or impact of the photograph(s) on an organizations larger commuications goals or strategy.

Special or Community Event – One-Time

Event can include groundbreaking ceremonies, media/press conferences, ribbon-cutting events, etc… Program is designed to generate awareness with key audiences.

Special or Community Event – Recurring

Such as resident town halls, special events (concerts, parades, holiday-themed or seasonal events, carnivals, etc.). These can be annual events or a series.

Writing (news article, news series, blog, marketing content, etc.)

Information presented factually and in a compelling manner to inform, educate, or persuade your audience on issues related to your agency.