Get Your APR in 2024: The Best Resolution You Can Make 
Article by Christine Brainerd, APR, Member, APR Universal Accreditation Board


Did you make (and perhaps already break) some New Year’s resolutions?

Consider this one, too: Achieve your professional Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) or Accreditation in Public Relations + Military Communication (APR+M) – it is a gift and commitment to lifelong learning you’ll treasure much more than that gym membership you won’t use!


The APR process, for CAPIO members with at least five years of experience, is designed to show knowledge of the critical advanced public relations and communications skills that deliver value in organizations large and small.It demonstrates professional competence, excellence in the practice of public relations and communications, and a commitment to ethical practices.


One of my favorite movies, “Animal House,” mockingly shares the “Knowledge Is Good” motto, but they were actually correct! The preparation for accreditation will start you on a path to improve your knowledge and use of tactical and strategic communications methods and related planning skills that will pay immediate results.


  • Contact CAPIO’s APR Chair for help, to learn about local study cohorts and more.
  • Can’t join a local cohort, or maybe study on your own? Consider an Online Prep Course. The next cohort is starting soon!
  • Details and application info on CAPIO’s website.
  • Once you apply, know that the one-year clock starts ticking.
  • Access the free APR Study Guide to learn about RPIE (Research, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation (pp. 21-24) and the 10 steps to writing a communications plan (pp. 48-50).

If you budget your time this year to pursue your APR, the payback will be clear, and you’ll be using these new kernels of knowledge immediately.

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