Feb. 24 is Government Communications Day
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Help us spread the word about Government Communications Day on February 24, 2024.  

Government Communications Day is a day to highlight all the good work YOU do as a public communicator. This year the day is going national as we have partnered with 3CMA and other state organizations in celebrating this special day.

  • When your agency is working on getting rate increases approved, guess who’s working on a public outreach and education campaign – you are.
  • When your agency receives an award, guess who’s preparing the media advisory, issuing the press release, and creating a highlight video – you are.
  • When a news outlet is looking for a comment or responding to a crisis, guess who’s working on creating a newsworthy, strategic response and preparing talking points – you are.
  • When you are trying to change behaviors or educate the community on environmental impacts, land-use changes, budget, or more, guess who is writing the communication plan – you are!

For 364 days of the year, you proudly stand behind the scenes, but let us help you shine for this one day!  **This year - February 24 lands on Saturday – so we encourage you to post on Friday ahead of Gov Comm Day!

What To Do:

Use the “Government Communications Day” images from the full CAPIO toolkit or the 3CMA toolkit

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  • Tell us about yourself or another public communicator who deserves a shout-out. 
  • Share your favorite memory about being a public communicator.
  • Share your crazy workspace – empty cups of coffee and all!

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Circulate the flyer in the toolkit to help spread the news that February 24 is “Government Communications Day!”

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Read about Government Communications Day which was started in 2022