CAPIO marks February 24 as Government Communications Day
Let’s celebrate!

by CAPIO President, Maurice Chaney 

Our role as government communications professionals is to inform, educate, and engage our communities.

Because, in the end, robust communication in government creates trust and inspires customers to take action and be involved.

We are in the fortunate role of being able to craft a narrative that showcases different perspectives on various topics – from community development and health and safety to education, infrastructure, and general government operations.

  • We create relationships and calls to action.
  • We build awareness and understanding through storytelling.
  • We engage and foster engagement on civic issues.
  • We use all channels and include everyone in critical decisions.

It’s essential to have strong communications in government because it is a foundational element of living in a democracy where citizens have the freedom to make their voices heard.

Because of the role of the government communicator, every February 24, starting with February 24, 2022, we honor the incredible men and women who’ve dedicated their careers to ensure local, state, and federal government agencies have effective, impactful, and successful communication strategies that resonate and are relevant.

We want to flood our social media by highlighting fantastic government communicators. So, use #GovernmentCommunicationsDay in your posts or send us an email of you or your team so we can add it to our channels!