CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Building a Dream Team – Unlocking Agency Support for Team Expansion
Power Lunch Webinar


In an era where digital elements shape the narrative, having a dynamic team is crucial for meeting the demands of today’s ever-evolving communication landscape. Media and public relations require not just adaptation but strategic investment in staffing resources that enable seamless communication across diverse platforms.

This session will go beyond the basics. Learn the art of creating internal support, amplifying the value of your work, and most importantly, how to pitch the idea of creating a communications team within your organization to stay ahead of the curve. Learn how to communicate effectively with the C-Suite, ensuring they understand the value and necessity of expanding your team. You will also leave the training armed with a toolkit to build not just a team but a communication powerhouse within your organization.

Learning Outcomes/Takeaways:

The Crucial Role of a Professional Team in Today’s Communication Landscape

  • Explore the evolving dynamics of the contemporary communication landscape, emphasizing the multifaceted challenges and opportunities posed by digital platforms, social media, and rapid information dissemination.
  • Understand how a professional team serves as the linchpin for effective communication, ensuring adaptability, creativity, and strategic alignment with organizational goals in the face of constant change.
  • Delve into case studies and real-world examples showcasing the impact of high-performing communication teams on brand reputation, stakeholder engagement, and crisis management, providing participants with concrete evidence of the indispensable nature of a skilled team.           

Practical Strategies for Creating a Team

  • Participants will learn how to identify their organization’s needs and apply them to team development, considering factors such as job description comparisons, team structuring, and skill sets.
  • Learn the art of talent acquisition, from recruiting to onboarding, to ensure the team possesses the necessary skills and aligns with the organization’s values and communication objectives.

Crafting Compelling Pitches to Secure Executive Support and Budget Allocation

  • Understand the decision-making process within the C-Suite and develop strategies for tailoring pitches that resonate with senior executives’ priorities and concerns.
  • Dive into the nuances of constructing a persuasive proposal, integrating industry standards and competitive analyses to demonstrate the tangible benefits of expanding the communications team.
  • Learn how your storytelling skill set can be used in pitches, by sharing narratives that not only highlight the challenges but also present the expansion of the team as a strategic solution, aligning with the broader organizational vision.
  • Explore negotiation techniques to address potential objections, showcase a thorough understanding of the financial implications and return on investment associated with augmenting the communications team, and ultimately secure executive support and budgetary allocations.

Toolkit for Building a Communication Powerhouse

  • Participants will leave the training with a toolkit comprising of practical resources, templates, and guidelines for building a communication powerhouse within their organization. This toolkit will serve as a valuable resource for implementing the strategies learned during this session.

This session qualifies for an APR Continuing Education Unit

CAPIO’s Advanced Track courses are designed for members with more than five years of experience in communications (or related field) and/or to CAPIO members who have completed CAPIO’s Certificate in Communications.


Date: September 18, 2024
Time: 11 a.m. to noon

Cost: CAPIO members $30 | Free for Professional+ Members | Non- Members $50



Amy McKenzie

Amy McKenzie has dedicated 18 years to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office, currently serving as the Director of Communications. She leads a team of communication professionals responsible for both internal and external communications for the DA’s Office.

Amy combines practical experience with strategic insight. She has been instrumental in establishing and developing the Communications Division, successfully creating new positions, budgets, policies, and procedures that have been adopted by other county departments.

Her nontraditional career path, working as an at-will employee for an elected official, provides her with a unique perspective. Amy holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from California State University, Los Angeles, and a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from California Baptist University.