Building a Better No Budget Survey
Power Lunch Webinar


Surveys can be a powerful management and policy making tool and give residents or employees or another group the chance to voice their opinions and help an agency shape future communications efforts. But when the survey foundation has flaws that bias the results, the outcome is unfair to everyone. Even worse, they could be damaging to the decision making process. Since agencies don’t always have the resources to hire a pollster and conduct statistically valid research, this webinar will give them the best practices and knowledge for creating an ideal no-budget substitute.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to choose a survey platform
  • How to develop a survey
  • How to disseminate or promote the survey
  • How to handle survey pitfalls
  • How to report the results



Jesse Saich
Communications and Media Relations Manager
El Dorado Irrigation District

Adam Probolsky
Probolsky Research

Building a Better No Budget Survey Flyer