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Example RFPs on Branding – Posted by Molly Nichelson
The County of Orange is looking to do re-branding in 2019. Do any of you kind folks have examples of RFPs that you’ve done, particularly for cities and counties?

Tools for Social Media Scheduling – Posted by Kristeen Farlow
We are trying to use social media more consistently and love that you can schedule posts on Facebook. Has anyone used/ is anyone using social media scheduling tools to post content? If so, what tool are you using? Pros/Cons, costs?

Board Members and Social Media – Posted by Pam Emmerich
Has anyone put together any best practices or policies related to Board members and their use of social media?

Crisis Communications Plan – Posted by Mary Locey
I’m working on an updated crisis communication plan, and I’m seeking contact information of vendors who you have worked with in the past and would recommend for helping us. Also, if you have a current plan and are willing to share it.  

Cities – Messaging with the Public about Increased Homeless Presence in Your Community – Rene Carmichael
We’re putting together some communication to address an increased homelessness presence in the community, but would love some input from other communities that have recently had to communicate info to their residents.