What’s your advice to someone considering pursuing their APR?


The CAPIO community is a powerful resource for APR candidates. Members who leverage that network are well-positioned for success.

Approach earning your APR the way you would any learning opportunity. The designation and the lapel pin are nice, but earning your APR is an opportunity to learn more, get better at what you do, and help others be better communications professionals.

I have advised many colleagues and team members to pursue their APR because I know it will expand their career opportunities. The APR provides a rich learning experience and a theoretical framework that is invaluable to any public relations professional. The emphasis on strategic thinking is particularly needed in our profession – and those who complete the program come out sharper and more aware of their value to an organization. That’s why more employers are beginning to make the APR a job requirement or desired qualification.

My advice to someone considering pursuing the APR is to take the leap! You’ll learn practical skills that you can implement right away and that will serve you well throughout your career.

It can feel overwhelming when you start the process for your APR! Lean on your mentors and colleagues at CAPIO as you begin the process. There are so many at CAPIO who’ve been through the experience- they will help you navigate the process to success

Studying for the APR strengthened and expanded my communications skills and earning the accreditation has made me more confident in putting those professional skills to good use.

You’ll gain knowledge and formalize your experience as you prepare for your APR. Earning it is worth every minute of time and effort. Don’t put off this investment in your career!