Top ten reasons to attend the CAPIO Leadership Summit
September 25-26 - Orange County


Are you ready to develop your skills for the next promotion opportunity?  Have you been promoted, but not really had formal training about how to manage a team? Are you looking to gain insights about how to gain the confidence and trust of those around you?

If you’ve said yes to one of these questions above, consider joining us at our September 25 -26 Leadership Summit.  This summit was developed based on feedback from our membership about next-level training.  During the pandemic, many communicators gained a seat at the table because communications took a front and center place.  Together, let’s keep that momentum going.

Ten reasons to attend the CAPIO Leadership Summit

  1. Discover your leadership point of view and how it adds value to your team and your
  2. deliverables
  3. Learn how to gain a seat at the table and keep it
  4. Understand next-level public engagement 
  5. Gain insights about how to be seen as more than the press release writer or the social media expert
  6. Gain informal mentors
  7. Learn how to hone your personal brand
  8. Understand how to network with meaningful outcomes
  9. Gain insights about how to manage your team
  10. Understand your working genius and how to maximize your impact through it
  11. Develop a list of colleagues to reach out to

Hurry!  Early bird pricing ends September 1


Thank you to our Executive Sponsors: Davenport Institute and RMG Communications

Success comes when opportunity meets preparation.” Zig Ziglar