Tis’ the season for podcasts
by Christina Byrne, CAPIO’s Social Media Chair


Podcasts are all the rage and it’s easy to understand why. The format is uniquely suited to busy lives and there is a podcast on every topic that peaks your interest. It’s infotainment at its best and has a way of finding like-minded communities. Government communicators are one such like-minded community that can learn a thing or two from podcasts. Make Dr. Stephen Covey proud and “Sharpen Your Saw” by giving these two podcasts a listen:

GOVCOMMS – The Future of Government Communication with David Pembroke

Episode #43 – Building a Digital Footprint

  • Learn how to befriend subject matter experts to your advantage and make them your biggest fan
  • Dig for simplicity and leverage it to convey why the public should care about your message
  • Learn how to have a set at the table before the heavy lifting on a program begins 
  • Become the leader everyone seeks and stop being treated as simply “the coloring in department”
  • Use metrics to prove your value

Government Gone Digital – The City of Gilbert, AZ started this podcast in 2016. It covers everything from how the city uses NextDoor to reach its residents, crisis communications, how to make a podcast, how elected officials use social media for good, building a brand, driving government with data and so much more.

Episode #70 – It’s an Instagram World

  • How to build a following
  • Why you should use Instagram
  • Embracing the shift from Facebook to Instagram
  • Post Inspiration

Happy Listening!