Tips on writing your session submissions

  • Be specific in your session title and description. Even a clever title needs to be descriptive of the session content.
  • Cover the why and how questions about your topic. Attendees want to know how they can use the information in their jobs and are less interested in simply hearing a recap of what you did.
  • Hands-on training or demonstrations are welcome. Attendees favor sessions where they learn HOW to do something or a new skill.
  • What are the key takeaways or lessons attendees will get from your session? Include these in your session description.
  • Accurately rate the level of your session topic or content, from what would help a new PIO to what would interest an advanced PIO veteran. It helps attendees know that they’re in the right session for their level of experience.

Proposals are welcome on all communications topics and skill training appropriate for PIOs. Some topic suggestions include:

  • Developing communications plans for your department or program
  • Social media strategies and analytics or training on specific platforms
  • Branding and/or marketing your department or program
  • Employee engagement or internal staff messaging
  • Reaching underserved populations, including Spanish-language speakers, people who are homeless or have ADA concerns or different cultural backgrounds
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in communications
  • Dealing positively with negative feedback from leadership or colleagues
  • Developing yourself as a leader in your agency or field
  • Writing press releases, media pitches, advertising or public messaging campaigns
  • Technology and tools for communicators
  • Graphic design best practices
  • Video creation and editing
  • Working with elected officials and city and county administrators
  • Public outreach and community building through community events
  • Crisis and emergency communications
  • Reaching different generations