September is emergency preparedness month
By Sarah Macdonald, CAPIO’s Communications Chair


“There is a massive difference between a crisis and a catastrophe…the effects of media coverage on public perception could be the deciding factor between the two.”  Barbara Cochran, Radio-Television News Directors

The last few years have placed public communicators front-and-center in reporting critical information to communities during natural disasters and other crises. From mudslides, active shooter incidents, beach side cliff collapses, and more than 137 named wildfires that  have raged across California in the last three years, communicators must stand ready. 

While each year continues to bring devastating emergencies, I am constantly reminded about the resiliency of our state and the dedication that our colleagues show for our profession—even during the most difficult of circumstances. 

As emergency preparedness month is in full swing, this edition of the CAPIO Communicator will feature crisis communications best practices, tips and trends.

Grab your “go-bag,” get ready to hone your skills, and enjoy this edition of CAPIO’s Communicator.

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