PIO Certificate Program Recipients 2023


Congratulations to our 2023 PIO program recipients for J. Lindsey Wolf Certificate in Communications!

CAPIO’s popular J. Lindsey Wolf Certificate in Communications (formerly known as the J. Lindsey Wolf PIO Institute) is one of the hallmark offerings of our association. Established in 2003, this certification, exclusively offered through CAPIO, provides a solid foundation of core communications courses focused on strategies and tactics to meet the evolving needs of CAPIO members and keep pace with the ever-changing communication landscape.

Congratulations to the following members who completed this certificate in 2023
  • Lauren-Ashley Allen
  • Jennifer Atenza
  • Jalel Braden
  • Beatriz Cornejo
  • Selena Espinoza Barcus
  • Nicole Freeman
  • Emily Fuentes
  • Hilary Gaede
  • Julia Griffin
  • Mary Jo Hartley
  • Michael Horn
  • Lisa McMullen
  • Keith Michaud
  • Haley Munson
  • Socorro Pantaleon
  • Alexa Popplewell
  • David Robertson
  • Nicole Ventimiglia

To learn more please visit https://www.capio.org/certificate.