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Burning Communications


Earlier this month, during Fire Prevention Week, CAPIO is launching a three-part series about the role of communicators before, during, and after some of California’s greatest threat incidents – wildfires. Listen as we connect with Placer County Fire Chief Brian Estes for an overview of current wildfires, critical preparation, and the role that communicators play before and during these devastating incidents.  Part I and Part II are available now.

Listen now - Part I

Flood after Fire - First comes drought, then comes fire, and now the rain. It’s Flood Preparedness Week, and CAPIO is sharing how public information officers and crisis communicators can prepare the public for heavy debris flows in burn areas. Four years ago, Santa Barbara County experienced deadly debris flows. Now, with another large fire ravaging the area, what’s next? Tune in to hear from Lael Wageneck, APR, and Public Information Officer for Santa Barbara County.

Listen now- Part II