New CAPIO level membership available in January
CAPIO Professional+ Membership Winners


CAPIO is proud to announce that our new Professional+ Membership will be launching in the new year! This membership will include free access to all of our virtual webinars hosted throughout the year for an additional $125.  This new membership rate will be $400 for the year. ($275 + $125 = $400) and will include access to on average 20 webinars (at a value of $25 or more per webinar).  

At the 2022 CAPIO Annual Conference we announced that 9 members would receive a complimentary upgrade to enjoy this membership level as a celebration of our membership exceeding 900 members this year!  Congratulations to these nine individuals who will receive a complimentary year of Professional+.

A big congratulations to…

  1. Joseph Zumbo
  2. Kristina Perrigoue
  3. Mark Benthien
  4. Jalel Braden
  5. Katie Combs Prichard
  6. Ashley Humes
  7. Kaitlin Reierson
  8. Gwyneth Shoecraft
  9. Monika Starr

Interested in upgrading your membership to Professional+?  Email for a prorated rate today!  Or - consider upgrading to Professional+ when your membership renews.  Questions?  Contact us at (530) 924-5444 or 1-844-CAPIO55