Issues Roundtables
New this year - join us for hot topics hitting agencies across the state during these Tuesday afternoon sessions.


Issue Roundtables (Tuesday 4:30 -5:30 p.m.)

Homelessness: Communicating with the Homeless and Your Community on a Critical Issue

This is affecting every city and region, and it’s not restricted to city and county agencies. Water districts, transit agencies, fire services, and emergency planners are all involved, including communications about the issue. And how do we communicate with the homeless, what are the responsibilities of communicators? Featuring representatives from the City of Fremont, the Lake Elsinore Social Work Action Group and the Orange County Transportation Authority.

Language and Listening: How Do You Communicate with an Ever-diversifying Constituency?

A changing constituency means issues including languages, cultures, mixed levels of familiarity with American governance and immigration. What does it mean for communicators in an environment with multiple cultures and languages in the communities they serve? With representatives from the City of Oakland, San Mateo County and the California Public Utilities Commission.

PFAS in Our Drinking Water: Building Trust with Your Customers

Water providers across the state are faced with rapidly changing PFAS regulations at the state and federal level and communication with customers and stakeholders is essential. While water agencies aren’t directly responsible for PFAS being in the water, they are left responsible for removing /treating it. Hear from Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District, Santa Clarita Valley Water Agency, RMG Communications and DeGrave Communications.

Climate Change: The Role of Public Communicators in a Charged Political Environment

How climate change is impacting cities, coasts, services, infrastructure, etc. Every jurisdiction is being affected, whether by rising sea levels or extreme weather. What are the roles, responsibilities, and challenges for public communicators related to climate change, especially in a charged political environment? Panelists include representatives from the City of Walnut Creek, the City of San Diego and the Kilter Design Agency.