The drought is real, how to prevent water fatigue with your messaging


Despite substantial rain in 2019, California is once again experiencing prolonged dry conditions, with some counties facing governor-declared droughts. The reality of California’s water supply situation is causing increasing concern; thankfully, there appears to be sufficient water in reserves for the current year. As communicators, there can be confusion as to what our message should look like. Should we be using the word “drought?” What should be the tone of our messaging this year if next year will likely require voluntary or mandatory water cuts in some areas of the state? More importantly, how do we message to our customers to do their part to reduce water use without creating “water fatigue?”

As a CAPIO partner, our friends at the Association of California Water Agencies (ACWA) are sharing resources to help with messaging. The ACWA Toolkit  includes social media graphics, videos, and signage. We also encourage you to connect with regional counterparts to promote regional-specific messaging and support.

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