CAPIO President’s Message on Current Events



We are all at a loss for words that captures the heavy nature of all that’s going on in our nation. However, what holds true is this: We stand against injustice. We stand against racism.  We stand against violence. 

We stand proudly and resolutely for continued and sustained change in our country and hope for equality. 

Communication is part of the democratic process. Being informed is also everyone’s responsibility. Creating understanding through dialogue helps.  We can and have to do more.  With open, productive conversations, we can work towards taking action and creating change—together. 

And the diversity of our state and nation is what makes us. As communicators and ambassadors for our agencies, we can all be instruments of what is possible. Every one of us has the ability to directly and positively impact the quality of life for the diverse communities we serve.

It is through understanding, sharing and respecting each of our individual values that will give us a chance to fully embrace our humanity. 

From your CAPIO Board of Directors, please stay healthy and safe. 


–Maurice Chaney, CAPIO President

About this issue

CAPIO prides itself on being the leading professional organization dedicated to advancing public communicators. We do this by offering our members relevant, timely training, resources and networking to our members so that California’s public communicators are equipped and supported to engage communities. 

As public communicators, we have a responsibility to recognize many perspectives and include them in the crafting of the story we want to tell on behalf of our organizations. Recognizing and including those differences are important to strengthen an agency’s policies, programs, and messages. 

Our industry must set a higher bar by investing in diversity and inclusion so that our work reflects a changing world.

Knowing our communities are facing complex issues about justice, diversity and equity in the midst of an ongoing pandemic, this edition of CAPIO Communicator will focus on inclusive communications. While this topic was also featured in the fall 2019 edition, the conversation about how we, as public communicators, can directly shape quality of life issues must continue. 

Sarah Macdonald, CAPIO’s Communications Chair

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