CAPIO Announces 2020-2021 Board 


The California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO), the state’s leading government communications association, named its 2020-2021 Board of Directors in April. While the association traditionally announces these changes during the spring annual conference, outgoing Board members were shown appreciation and new board members were welcomed during a virtual meeting on Monday, May 11. 

The 2020-2022 CAPIO board members elected include:

  • President-Elect – Erin Morales, government and public affairs supervisor, Cucamonga Valley Water District
  • Vice-President, Conference – Tom Christensen, communications specialist, County of San Diego
  • Education and Development Chair – Christine Brainerd, APR, communications director, City of Folsom
  • Website Chair—Michelle Adams, strategic communications supervisor, Western Municipal Water District
  • Regional and Membership Director, Central California – Thomas Reeves, community and media relations officer, City of Modesto
  • Regional and Membership Director, Southern California – Grace Cardenas, public information officer, Rancho California Water District

The 2019-2021 CAPIO board members continuing their term include:

  • CAPIO President – Maurice Chaney, public information office, City of Roseville Environmental Utilities
  • CAPIO Past President – Amy Williams, chief of staff, City of Sacramento
  • Vice-President, Awards – Teresa Collins, communications manager, City of Escondido
  • Communications Chair – Sarah Macdonald, director of strategic communications, Western Municipal Water District
  • Social Media Chair – Christina Byrne, public outreach department manager, Orange County Transportation Authority
  • Membership Chair, Northern California – Pam Allen, Marketing and Communications Manager, City of Roseville
  • Northern California Director-at-Large – Rhea Salvador, strategic communications manager, City of Sacramento

“I’m excited to announce this year’s Board of Directors who will continue the vision developed in CAPIO’s five-year strategic plan,” said Maurice Chaney, CAPIO president and public information officer for City of Roseville Environmental Utilities.  “Last year we leveled up programs by increasing educational webinars and media tours around the state. This year the Board looks forward to continuing the momentum with these programs and is developing a plan for continuing to offer exceptional programming in the current virtual environment while still providing opportunities to connect.”

CAPIO’s board members are elected and serve rotating two-year terms. Each year, board members are voted on by CAPIO members throughout the state and represent the organization’s diverse membership, including board members from state organizations, special districts, school districts, cities and counties.

To learn more about CAPIO’s Board of Directors, visit CAPIO’s website.

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