CAPIO ADVANCED TRACK: Emotions: How Leaders Identify, Manage, and Learn From Them
Power Lunch Webinar


Knowing your leadership capacity to control your own emotions is a valuable skill.  And it can be disastrous if you do not recognize triggers and learn to manage them.  During this webinar, attendees will examine how emotions and logic work together in our brains through published work and anecdotal storytelling.  We will highlight a case study, review mental models, and reveal practical tips on how leaders identify trigger points, manage emotions, and learn how to harness their actions and reactions so they respond properly when the unexpected can get in the way of a normal day.

Key Take-Aways:

  • Learn the differences between the emotional and logical brain
  • Identify trigger points that hijack rational thinking
  • Gain leadership tools to manage emotional control over critical incidents
  • Enhance and increase emotional intelligence capacity through practice

CAPIO’s Advanced Track courses are designed for members with more than five years of experience in communications (or related field) and/or to CAPIO members who have completed CAPIO’s Certificate in Communications.


Recorded: May 1, 2024


APR Continuing Education Unit

Michael Loarie

Mike Loarie (pronounced Lori) was in law enforcement from 1983 to 2018. He started as an explorer cadet on the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, became a deputy sheriff on the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, and ended his career as a captain for the Escondido Police Department with duties as second in-command. He fell in love with law enforcement as a teenager, and that affair did not stop when he retired.

Mike’s work at LASD largely revolved around working at the largest jail in the world- Men’s Central Jail in Downtown Los Angeles. Mike left LASD in 1989 and became a police officer for the City of Escondido.

Mike’s experiences at EPD over the next 29 years were vast. He worked on every assignment at various levels, participated in several turnarounds of problem units, and oversaw the $42M budget as one of his assignments. He also had the fortune of working in the Investigations Bureau, where his team’s closure rates of violent crimes and homicide far exceeded the national average. Mike also has experience working on one of the most devastating fires in San Diego County as a member of Escondido Incident Command. During Mike’s career, he assumed PIO duties for eight years in various capacities.

In 2000, Mike and three colleagues developed an organic internal leadership development program for the Escondido Police Department and the City of Escondido. Their training lasted about five years and included specific courses for senior leadership across all areas of the City of Escondido. In addition, Mike helped design and develop the Management Mentoring Program at the City of Escondido.

Mike helped create and deliver leadership instruction for the San Diego County Regional Leadership Institute as a founding member and remained active there even after retirement on a volunteer basis.

Mike has been working for The University of San Diego as a professor since 2016.

Mike considers himself still an active part of law enforcement. His students are from all areas of the US and at all ranks. 2023 is Mike’s 40th year doing what he loves- his purpose.

Mike had attended a Disney Institute course years ago and later was part of the teaching team for Team Disney Anaheim’s Cast Member Leadership with the Ken Blanchard Company for Disney University. The draw to work at such a magical company stuck with him. That came true for a short time in 2019 when he worked part-time in back-of-house security. Mike had the most extraordinary experiences while at Disney.

Mike and Kathryn met while in high school. They have been married for over 35 years. He has two adult children who both attended and graduated from universities. In addition, Mike and Kathryn celebrated the birth of their first grandson earlier this year.

Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins has been in the communications field for over 18 years, holding various jobs in both the private and public sectors. She started off her career by writing copy for radio commercials and found her way to a role as the marketing director for a local non-profit. She eventually ended up as a professional government communicator.

Teresa has a strong communications and marketing background, which includes community outreach, arts marketing, crisis communications, media relations, and strategic planning. In 2009, she and her husband were recognized as Combined Health Agencies volunteer of the year for their work with the San Diego ALS Association.

Teresa holds a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts from Cal State San Marcos (CSUSM). She is a graduate of CSUSM’s Leadership North County class of 2018 and holds her certificate in Public Information from the J. Lindsay Wolf PIO Institute. A San Diego native, she currently resides in Escondido with her husband Joe and son Elliot.