About this edition

By Sarah Macdonald, CAPIO’s Communications Chair and Director of Strategic Communications with Western Municipal Water District

It’s time for the March/April edition of the CAPIO Communicator coming to you shortly after the one year mark since everything stopped because of the pandemic. A year ago, we all went into crisis communications mode as we helped our communities navigate something unknown. 

California is beginning to slowly reopen and we are seeing major progress in beating this virus so for this edition, CAPIO is exploring what reopening will mean for us as communicators, what may change, what may stay the same, and how we can protect against burnout in our professional and personal lives. 

CAPIO is also continuing its celebration of our 50th anniversary with a special sit down with one of California’s foremost experts on public agency/institution communications and past Paul B. Clark award winner, Sheri Benninghoven, APR. 

Lastly, don’t miss your chance to pursue your Accreditation in Public Relations (APR) this year and book your hotel for CAPIO’s 2021 annual conference from November 2 to 5. 

Sit back, grab your beverage of choice,  and enjoy the March/April edition of CAPIO’s Communicator!

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