About this edition

By Sarah Macdonald, CAPIO’s Communications Chair and Director of Strategic Communications with Western Municipal Water District

“COVID fatigue” is now a trending word–it’s real and it’s strong. We’re tired of being cooped up, tired of being careful, tired of being scared, tired of talking about COVID-19!

So for this Winter edition of CAPIO’s Communicator, we are pivoting. Rather than focus on the pandemic crisis itself, we will spend the next season focusing on how public communicators are innovating and leveraging ever-evolving opportunities to continue engaging, connecting and serving our communities. 

Like the fall edition, we are bringing you insights straight from the source–communicators actively implementing virtual strategies to show what works and what lessons have been learned. You will see that some pieces are more formally crafted while others are a little more off the cuff, bringing you insight from the heart. 

This edition also includes a video featuring Board President Maurice Chaney, a membership survey summary, education offerings and more!

Lastly, don’t forget to save the date for CAPIO’s 2021 annual conference from May 24 to 27. Our conference committee is working toward a hybrid event – offering an in-person conference while simultaneously offering a virtual conference experience.  Whether you plan to attend in person or virtually, you’ll want to hold these dates on your calendar!

With that, sit back, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the Winter edition of CAPIO’s Communicator!

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