Communications Pathways: Unlocking Audience Engagement
A Free Webinar in Partnership with PRSA


Brands and communicators work hard to reach the audiences they want to serve. Whether it’s promoting an organization, selling a product or service, or getting out information, marketing and PR is ineffective if it doesn’t reach the right people.

The PRSA California Capital Chapter and CAPIO are hosting a virtual discussion on Thursday, July 11 that will delve into the realm of trusted messengers. Our featured presenters are Julie Phillips, President and Partner, and Rachel Marquardt, Manager of Digital Strategy, at Randle Communications, a full-service public relations and public affairs firm in Sacramento.

In this presentation, Randle Communications will showcase the importance of leveraging trusted messengers to engage diverse audiences through unique channels. The proprietary insights stem from extensive research into the evolving landscape of media and information consumption.

The speakers will explore the dynamics of reaching target audiences through unconventional channels. The research segments audiences by age and ethnicity to create pathways for more effective communications and engagement. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the complex puzzle of communication, discovering the best strategies to identify messengers and maximize program execution.

The event is FREE for PRSA California Capital Chapter members, CAPIO members, and PRSSA students and $20 for non-members. Register today so you don’t miss out!