CAPIO EPIC Awards on pause
by Teresa Collins, CAPIO V.P. Awards


It has been an EPIC year for California’s Public Information Officials. We have been navigating a pandemic while delivering top-notch communications across our state. We had to skip our 2020 conference but will be back this fall in Squaw Valley as we celebrate CAPIO’s 50th Birthday!

In light of this “unprecedented” experience (are we all ready to retire that word?), we are going to press pause on the EPIC award program for 2021 and focus on our association’s historic milestone while celebrating all of us and the solid work we have delivered since we last met. Don’t worry, the EPIC awards will return full-force in 2022 and all the work done from our last judging period until then will be eligible. We are committed to honor all of our winners from 2020 and 2021 at the 2022 conference in San Diego in true CAPIO style. Please stay tuned as we roll out more details about our fall conference and epic birthday bash.