2024 CAPIO / TAMIO Judge Exchange
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We are excited to continue our partnership with the Texas Association of Municipal Information Officers (TAMIO) for a CAPIO | TAMIO Judge Exchange!  This is a wonderful opportunity to see what colleagues in another state are doing as well as give back to the profession with your time and feedback on their work.  In exchange, TAMIO members will judge our EPIC awards program this summer. 


Our goal is to provide TAMIO with 100 judges from California.  With our membership of more than 1000- we know we can meet this goal!  Please help us make this continued partnership a success.

What you need to be a judge:

  • Two or more years in the field of communications – preferably in government communications, but not required.
  • 3 – 6 hours of time to review entries (all entries are reviewed and scored through an online portal)
  • Commitment to follow through on your decision to participate as a judge and willingness to provide written constructive feedback on their work in the form of judges’ comments.

The judging window for their program will be April 1 - April 15.  Thanks in advance for your commitment and service to your colleagues across the U.S.!