CATEGORY: Communication and Marketing Tools (Publications, Digital/Interactive and Video)

Communications marketing tools are what you use to implement the idea – getting information out to get the job done. They include publications, television and video, special events and new technologies.

Printed and Electronic Publications

  • Newsletter or Magazine - Printed and/or electronic publications produced and distributed to an outside audience focusing on an organization, agency or government entity’s activities or purpose.
  • Annual Report - Publication that reports on an organization’s annual performance.
  • Other - Brochures, pamphlets, tri-folds, mailers, fact sheets or other small publications designed to inform a target audience about an agency, product, project, service or issue.

Internal Communications
A program to improve internal relations through enhanced communications or programs affecting relations with employees. Includes printed and/or electronic newsletter, videos, email updates, or focused, call-to-action message produced. Must show a commitment to employee information and staff relations and effectively communicate the desired message to the target audience.


This category includes best use of promotional items, branding/logo, marketing event or government service delivery tools.


  • Video Production – Short-Form (2 minutes or less)
    Video spots which convey informational or persuasive message which benefits the agency or community(ies) it serves. Public Service Announcements and other videos less than two minutes are applicable to this category.
  • Video Production – Long-Form (anything over 2 minutes)
    Informational pieces in excess of two minutes. These videos focus on educating, informing or persuading the audience for the benefit of the organization and constituent engagement. Includes video series.
  • Live-Streaming
    Informational pieces that utilize live-streaming to inform, connect, engage or persuade the audience of the benefit of the organization.


  • Website
    A collection of related web pages designed for a particular organization, event or purpose. Agency or issue-specific site. Visually attractive, informative, ease of navigation, current and relevant information. Include in entry an analysis of website statistics to show success of website.
  • Social Media/New Media
    Entries that reflect the effectiveness of various types of social/new media individually or collectively, including but not limited to Mobile outreach (apps, SMS, text campaigns), eGovernment (email campaigns), Facebook, blogging (if interactive), Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more. Does not include websites or web pages.

    • Best Social Media Campaign
    • Best use of social media in breaking news
    • Best use of social media visuals

Special Event

Marketing tools and special activities to promote celebrations, dedications, ribbon cuttings and other programs. Programs aimed at winning the cooperation and improving relations with publics or organizations in communities where the sponsoring agency has an interest, need or opportunity.

  • Media Relations
    Such as news conferences, media events or other activities designed specifically to attract earned media attention for the purposes of public outreach, information sharing, public calls-to-action, etc… Be sure to specify results of your efforts in terms of media traction or stories published.
  • One-time Special Event
    Such as groundbreaking ceremonies, media/press conferences, ribbon-cutting events, etc... Program is designed to generate awareness with key audiences.
  • Recurring
    Such as resident town halls, special events (concerts, parades, holiday-themed or seasonal events, carnivals, etc.).