Put What You’ve Learned From a Recent Conference Into Practice


Now that you’ve returned from the CAPIO 2021 Annual Conference, here are some suggestions on showcasing your new knowledge to your colleagues and management team.

  1. Be timely. Don’t let too much time pass after you’ve returned to revisit your notes or share information about the conference.
    Action Tip: Schedule a meeting or set aside time to debrief other staff about the conference.
  2. Be generous with information learned. Share your notes, scan marketing materials, upload PowerPoint presentations, etc. Put all your conference collateral in a shared location so that other staff can benefit from its contents.
    Action Tip: Don’t be afraid to email the keynote speaker or presenter and ask for a copy of their presentation/slide deck.
  3. Showcase a tangible result. Many of the conference sessions focused on creating a specific product, developing a unique skill, or using new tools. For example, a recent CAPIO Annual Conference session was Smartphone Video. Try out your new skill post-conference and share it with your boss.
    Action Tip: This can be something as simple as a new press release template or samples of new photography styles for social media.
  4. Follow up on connections. One of the most significant benefits of attending conferences is that you have the opportunity to network with colleagues in your area of expertise. If you’re not networking, then you’re not maximizing the benefits of conference attendance.
    Action Tip: Connect with colleagues, event vendors, guest speakers, and emcees on LinkedIn. Or, set up a call with a vendor that may offer new services – don’t forget to include your boss in the meeting.

Attending conferences is a great way to increase your knowledge, skill, and professional community, but getting the initial approval to attend or even the post-event kudos from your boss or coworkers requires you to demonstrate the benefits of your attendance. We hope these tips come in handy as you share all the insightful information from the CAPIO 2021 Annual Conference and lay the foundation for future professional development opportunities.  Reminder – if you attended the conference and missed a session – log in to the Conference Event Hub to view sessions (through January 15).

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