About this edition

By Sarah Macdonald, CAPIO’s Communications Chair and Director of Strategic Communications with Western Municipal Water District

If there is anything that 2020, and now the start of 2021, has taught us is that there are external influences beyond our control. Each year CAPIO looks ahead to trends on the horizon, but not one of our members could have imagined what was actually to transpire. Yet, some of those predictions would have proven prescient: the accelerated adoption of online and collaborative tools, purpose-led campaigns, transparency in communications, and internal communications. 

This first edition of the CAPIO Communicator in 2021 is bringing you predictions in communications trends, tips about how to earn a seat at the table, and how to deliver effective messages for your agency. You will continue to see stories that show how public communicators are engaging their communities in response to (and sometimes in spite of) those external forces.  

CAPIO is kicking-off “Membership Love Month” in February to celebrate you, our members! Watch CAPIO’s social media channels this month for fun opportunities to be appreciated and win some prizes!

Lastly, don’t miss your chance to pursue your APR this year and update your calendar to mark new dates for  CAPIO’s 2021 annual conference from November 2 to 5. 

Feel the love this month and enjoy the January/February edition of CAPIO’s Communicator!

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