CATEGORY: Communications and Marketing Process

Processes are broad categories of activity, such as Community Visioning or Branding, Resident Participation, Communications Plans, Campaign Plans, Go Green Programs, Crisis Communications and Service Delivery. 

Launch of a new agency brand or rebrand. The submission should go beyond simple logo recognition and show an understanding of strategic brand development and roll out among target audiences.

Communications or Marketing Plans/Campaigns
Plans and/or targeted marketing campaigns to explain services or products to achieve a particular result, e.g., voter registration, go green initiatives, economic development, neighborhood revitalization, major infrastructure improvements, promoting new service, etc…

Community Relations/Participation
Programs for promoting deliberations among diverse community interests in order to guide a community decision on future direction. These efforts can also include comprehensive programs designed to reinforce or establish the agency, such as a community visioning and/pr programs involving residents in community decision making on specific issues and projects.

Crisis Communications/Public Safety Education Campaign
Includes ongoing/general preparedness or specific response and implementation of a communications strategy in response to a crisis, man-made or natural disaster.

Most Innovative Communications
Recognizes a local government communications activity that pushes the limits of innovation, creativity or technology to reach an intended audience.