Bill Nash

Bill Nash is the Public Information Officer for the County of Ventura. The position reports to the County Executive Officer. Before taking the position in November 2014, he spent seven years as the Public Information and Marketing Officer for the Ventura County Fire Department where he won numerous county, state and national awards for his work. Prior to the fire department, he worked for 10 years in the private sector in international advertising, marketing and public relations. He began his career as a PIO as a firefighter with the Santa Paula Fire Department.

As the County PIO, Bill supports 25 County agencies in their public information efforts. This includes writing news releases; working with local, regional and national media; and managing content on the County’s internal and public websites. He also works with numerous city, non-profit and non-governmental agencies to train and assist their public information officers. Since joining the CEO’s office, he has launched the Ventura County News Channel, a website dedicated to County government news, and he manages three social media accounts.

Bill is also has a background in journalism and photography, and he is an award-winning writer. He wrote a weekly newspaper column for more than 20 years and he writes occasional feature stories and has published nearly 50 travel destination pieces on locations around the world. He recently released his second novel, StolenDream. His earlier novel, FogDelay, was a thriller set at San Francisco International Airport. As a non-fiction author, he is also known for writing Oil, Orchards andFlames, a history of the fire department in Santa Paula, California. 

Years served: 2017-2019

Positions served: Central CA Director-at-Large